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Thank you for visiting The Myrick Modern, a collection of words/pictures/thoughts about the writer and visual artist Robin Myrick.

Myrick's work is rooted in conceptual practices and hybrid forms. Her projects often engage the ephemeral or mediated moment as expressed through television and film, portraiture and the rhetoric of identity, politics, consumerism and disaster.

As a photographer, Myrick uses a range of lo-fi methods and everyday materials to create visual disruption on the fly. Most of the layering, glitch and other abstraction in her photos is captured in-camera, and through experiment rather than design. This aspect of her visual art practice continues to expand along with her collection of cameras and mediating agents. The latter are mostly items upcycled after they've served their intended purpose in her home or elsewhere.

As a writer, Myrick often pursues creative projects that examine language and subculture in American life. She is the author of I AM THIS STATE OF EMERGENCY (2020, Surveyor Books), a docupoetic look at the fraught act of conversation in an era where politics infuses everything. She also writes fiction and is the author of five plays. Some of her major works have explored aspirational fantasy in mid-century cookbooks, simulation and themed environments, disability, the go-go 1980s, and the complicated dynamics of reality.

Myrick is also a founding member of the art collective Twentieth Century Creatures, and was a member of the celebrated Dallas collective In Cooperation with Muscle Nation (2011-2014). Across her career, her writing/photography has appeared in a wide range of digital and print publications as well, including daily newspapers, alt weeklies, art journals and music magazines.

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BS in Radio-TV-Film, University of Texas at Austin (2003)

MFA in Writing and Critical Studies, California Institute of the Arts (2008)

Myrick also studied film and visual art in the Humanities-Aesthetic Studies doctoral program at the University of Texas at Dallas.

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Books, Exhibition Catalogues and Anthologies

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  • House of Flies
  • Wisteria
  • Comesadoubter
  • Customer Service
  • Sleeping in Public
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Selected Group Exhibitions / Collective Shows

Ladders and Opinions, Shamrock Hotel Studios, Dallas TX

Arts Faculty Exhibition, Collin College, Plano TX
Chaos 5, Ro2 Cedars, Dallas TX

Who's Afraid of Chuck and George?, Centraltrak, Dallas TX
It Came From Calarts, Centraltrak, Dallas TX (curator-artist)
Message (NOT) Received: Accident // Intervention // Provocation // Glitch, Main Gallery, University of Texas at Dallas, Dallas TX (curator)

Chaos 4, Ro2 Cedars, Dallas TX

Split Seconds, Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas TX
Art Conspiracy 10, 500 Singleton, Dallas TX

Collective Bargaining, Main Gallery, University of Texas at Dallas, Dallas TX*
Faculty Exhibition, Eastfield College, Mesquite TX
Hermetically Sealed, Aurora 2013, Dallas TX
Pieces, Davis Foundry Gallery, Dallas TX*
Flex-Us 2, Ro2 Downtown, Dallas TX*

Bedding, Aurora Glimpse, Dallas TX*
Flex-Us, Ro2 Downtown, Dallas TX*
Trans, McKinney Avenue Contemporary, Dallas TX
N*SINK, Goodyear Retread Plant, Dallas TX*
Feed Bag, Ro2 Uptown, Dallas TX*
Art Conspiracy 9, 960 Dragon Street, Dallas TX *
A Fraudulent Desire to Exist, Steve Paul Gallery, Dallas TX

Confirm and Deny, Main Gallery, University of Texas at Dallas, Dallas TX **
HELLO!, 1130 Dragon Street, Dallas TX**
Art Conspiracy 8, 511 West Commerce, Dallas TX*

*With the art collective In Cooperation With Muscle Nation
**With the 14+1 Collective

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Selected Readings and Performances

Surveyor Books Presents Chris George and Robin Myrick, The Wild Detectives, Dallas TX

I Am This State of Emergency, Robin Myrick in conversation with Steven van Dyck, Facebook Live
I Am This State of Emergency, Inner Moonlight podcast by the Wild Detectives

I Am This State of Emergency, Lit Night Reading Series, Dallas TX

Other People's Poetry Presents: Bob Kaufman, Deep Vellum Books, Dallas TX

Election Poems and Broadside Ballads, with Joe Milazzo, Lyle Brooks and Phillip McEachern, Deep Vellum Books, Dallas TX
Election Poems, Dark Moon Poetry, Deep Vellum Books, Dallas TX
24-Hour Book Swap at Chalet Dallas, Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas TX

Selections from Savory and Simulation/Stimulation/Emulation, Ruptures and Sutures of the Everyday at the And Now 2015: Blast Radius conference, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia CA

Selections from Election Poems and Simulation/Stimulation/Emulation, SPRAWL @ It Came From Calarts, Centraltrak, Dallas TX

Seeking/Offering with Joe Milazzo and Danielle Georgiou, Davis Foundry Gallery, Dallas TX
Town Hall Town Crier, Read-Write Market at Oil and Cotton, Dallas TX

Stomp Box, Griffith Park Storytelling Series, Los Angeles, CA
From Another Planet with McCreature, Mullholland Drive Concert, Los Angeles CA

Selections from 51st Star, Seeking/Offering, and Savory, Eastfield College Literary Festival, Mesquite, TX
The Ephemeral History of Gelson's Sunset Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard Road Concert, Los Angeles CA
Town Hall Town Crier with Steven van Dyck and Katie Jacobson, Collective Show Los Angeles, Los Angeles CA

Town Hall Town Crier, Su Casa Es Me Teatro, Fronterafest, Austin TX
Town Hall Town Crier, Washington Boulevard Road Concert, Los Angeles CA

Our Relationship in 20 Concerts or Less, book release for You May Have Read This Before, Roy and Edna Disney CalArts Theatre, Los Angeles CA

Blister Pack, Next Words at Roy and Edna Disney CalArts Theatre, Los Angeles CA
Take Beechnut, Next Words at Eagle Rock Center for the Arts, Los Angeles CA
Sleeping in Public, directed by Lora Zane, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia CA
Savory, Visiting Artist Series with Achraf El Bahi, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia CA
The Murgatroid Cycle, San Fernando Road Concert, Burbank CA
Smiths is Murder, The Royal Academy of Nuts and Bolts at Betalevel, Los Angeles, CA
Our Relationship in 20 Concerts or Less, Future Potentials and ExNons at Betalevel, Los Angeles CA

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